Growth in Fraternity

strives to make difference in the lives of underprivileged and impoverished communities through social projects focused on ensuring their welfare.

Our Causes


For poor families who earn a living through manual labor, the daily wages they receive is barely enough to put food on the table, let alone afford a toilet. As a result of defecating in the open they often fall sick which prevents them from going to work daily and thus increase financial stress in family.

We build toilets for poor families in need and also educate them about the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in their daily lives. Through this we help in improving rural sanitation and improving the quality of life of the poor in our nation.

Disaster Relief

Though natural disasters may affect both the rich and poor alike, it is always the poor who struggle to recover from damage caused by calamity. In fact disasters of this kind exacerbate poverty and make survival difficult for the poor.

This is why, in times of crisis, we bring emergency assistance to the poor to help meet their most pressing needs such as food, water and medicines that are essential for their survival.

Cycles for Poor

Lack of schools in rural areas force many families to send their children to schools in nearby towns for education. And, more often than not these children have to walk a long distance to reach the schools and if they chose to travel by vehicle it takes a toll on the financial condition of their families. Girls also have to be extra cautious of possible assaults on the way and eventually many such children quit schooling at the end.

As a solution to this problem, we provide free cycles to school going children from low-income communities so that they would be able to study well and realize their dream through education. Through this way we help ease the financial burden of their families too.

Winter Cloth

Many of the houses in villages as well as in slum areas are poorly equipped to protect poor families from cold in winter season. And one can’t even imagine the situation the homeless and the people on the streets go through during winter.

Considering their plight, we distribute winter cloth each year to the poor and needy so that they would stay warm and survive the cold.

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